Enthusiasm for their craftsmanship, finesse through years of dealing with the materials, high standards of quality and aesthetics, attention to detail as well as a deep appreciation for the environment, nature and their fellow human beings: these are qualities that we seek and find in our producers.

Economic and ecological sustainability, social participation, perspectives: it is this understanding that motivates us at MAOMI in our daily work and connects us with our international producers. Their biographies are as varied as they are unique, turning our designs into true MAOMI products.

Porcelain KAYA

Our production partners in Vietnam can look back upon a century-old porcelain tradition in their country. With our porcelain series KAYA we would like to make a small contribution to the continuation of this tradition and support the manufactory in its efforts for fair wages, social standards and gender equality on the local labour market. We at MAOMI are grateful we got to know each other and for this special cooperation.

Bed Linen ALMA

Our production facility in India is part of a development cooperative that works for small farmers and their local living conditions. Our cotton producer works closely with the cooperative. Thanks to qualified local contacts, we have the opportunity to gain reliable insight into the manufacturing processes and sustainability standards in the company. This transparency and the resulting relationship of trust, enables us to implement complex procedures and details for our ALMA bed linen together with the trained seamstresses. At the same time, our fair pricing policy exercises positive influence on sustainability and wages.

Bathtub OFURO and Stool PAUL

When choosing our carpenter, the offered quality and creative work, but above all the social interaction within the company and the philosophy of the management were decisive for us. Our second wood expert in Bosnia was personally recommended to us. There, we found a warm openness and a great knowledge of materials. His passion for wood and the ability to give life to the material, add to the quality of our products.