porcelain KAYA / Hooks

Our production facility in Vietnam has convinced us both from a craftsmans point of view and in terms of social standards which the company abides to. The company is part of an international development cooperative committed to economic and environmental sustainability in developing and emerging countries.

We spent four weeks in Vietnam on site in the manufactory. Our producer and his team have crafting skills and knowledge that are based on many years of porcelain work.

At the same time, the owner of the manufactory offers her approximately 80 employees labor law standards in the form of health and social insurance.

The hierarchies in the company are flat, management and workers eat together, men and women meet at eye level. At noon, the chef beats the gong for a 90-minute lunch break, at 4 pm, after seven hours of work, everyone starts their scooters and drive home to their families.

Last but not least, the porcelain workers in our partnering company are paid far better than in other workshops. Fair wages and purchase prices keep the know-how in the company and counteract wage dumping and migration trends within the manufacturing industry.