Bathtub OFURO

We have our OFURO produced in a medium sized carpentry business in Germany, supporting the idea of regional value creation. Short resource-saving transport routes and safeguarding regional jobs in the trade were important aspects for us when selecting our producer.

Decisive, however, for the team of our Palatinate partner was above all their knowledge of the wine barrel construction process. This enables us to meet our internal ecological target of using as little chemicals in form of glue or solvent as possible, in the production of our wooden products. To give an example, the base of the OFURO is organically compacted with rye flour paste and reed leaves.

During many visits on site in the Palatinate, we were able to convince ourselves of the care and precision with which the team works: selecting the type and order of wood, measuring, sawing, milling, then assembling within the steel tire according to the pattern and finally sanding - over many hours.

The workshop processes North American cedar wood for our MAOMI product. We are in close personal contact with the company and benefit from the team spirit and local staff who are interested in working with us to guarantee the high quality standards for our customers.