Bathtub Ofuro


Even the sight of OFURO awakens the desire to take a bath in it. Our Japanese wooden tub stands out with its functional design and meets the highest quality standards.

"OFURO" is Japanese and means "private bathroom". The OFURO is made of cedar wood, whose essential oils have a harmonizing and calming effect on body and soul. The softly wood gets carefully shaped, precisely assembled and compacted exclusively with natural materials. Finally, the bathtub is sanded softly by our carpenter for an extended period and is clamped in three stainless-steel bands. The OFURO from MAOMI translates Japanese tradition into modernity. Thanks to its low weight of only 110 pounds, OFURO is easy to move, space-saving, and is also ideal as a mobile outdoor bathtub. It is cleaned with a supplied brush and additional detergents are not required.

Design: Japanese traditional pattern
Origin: Germany
Material: cedar wood, stainless steel
Size: 98 x 66 x 77 (cm)
Capacity: 200 litres
Power outlet: 50 litres/min