bed linen ALMA

The production facility for our ALMA bed linen is located in India. It is part of a cooperative that - through investment programs - provides small farmers improved development opportunities and market access under ecological production standards.

Diese wurde im Jahr 2004 initiiert, um die Reduktion eingesetzter Pestizide und eine faire Wertschöpfungskette bei den bäuerlichen Kleinbetrieben voranzutreiben. Die Kooperative arbeitet mit circa 25 000 Farmern in den Bundesstaaten Odisha, Andhra Pradesh und Maharashtra zusammen, wo über 90 Prozent der Kleinbauern auf nur wenigen Hektaren im traditionellen Regenfeldanbau ihren Lebensunterhalt sichern müssen.

The cooperative therefore supports these family businesses in their transition to higher-quality organic products. It reduces their production costs by networking the micro-enterprises into clusters and educational initiatives.

This more sustainable and profitable cultivation of best quality cotton protects the existence of smallholder farms on the one hand and, on the other, gives farmers and their communities better access to higher-quality products and food, a health care system and school education.

Our ALMA production partner in India is the only one who has gone the elaborate way of the complete certification and thus ensures a fair and ecologically sustainable production chain.