Cutting board Benny


The high-quality all-rounder in every kitchen is BENNY. Available in two sizes, the MAOMI cutting boards are both eye-catcher and functional helpmate.

Olive trees grow very slowly, which is why their wood has a higher density and strength than comparable oak or beech wood. Therefore, it is extremely cut-resistant. At the same time, olive wood has a high oil content and has an antibacterial effect due to tanning agents, which makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. The olive wood of our Tunisian producer is reminiscent of fine marble with its unique wood grain. For BENNY only wood from older trees, which no longer are bearing fruit, is used. We also make sure that the wood is dried for a long time. High-quality handcrafted and polished, each board is unique.

Design: MAOMI
Origin: Tunisia
Material: olive wood
45 x 35 x 4 (cm)
35 x 22,5 x 4 (cm)