Phone Home


As part of our mission to create an environment where relaxation and tranquility reign, we have developed the PHONE HOME - a home for our phone and our distractions.
The shape of PHONE HOME is meant to remind us to put the phone aside, just like a bear hunkers down in its cave for its winter sleep: it's a temporary goodbye, not forever - but both sides will emerge from it relaxed, calm and fully recharged.

At On-Mode the cave-like shape creates an echo, so you can keep your Phone Home in a different room but will still be able to hear your alarm if wanted because the shape multiplies the sound volume.

The cell phone is placed with the display facing down so as not to be distracted by flashing notifications and lights. Alternatively, it is put into sleep mode before being placed in its home. A hidden opening in the back of the PHONE HOME connects the charging cable to the phone - allowing human and phone to recharge at the same time.

Design: MAOMI
Origin: Sri Lanka
Material: Stoneware
Colours: celadon green, plush rose, silk-white, off-black
17,5 x 9,5 cm x 13,5 (cm)
20,5 cm x 11 x 15,5 (cm)