Bungalow K

This bungalow from the 60s was completely gutted and renovated. We advised the clients during the planning phase. Our design concept includes the lighting and room situations in the entrance and living areas as well as the bathroom. A light strip with fixed glazing above the field of vision provides the entrance area with maximum incidence of daylight. Nevertheless, the privacy of the kitchen behind is preserved. The increased brightness allows the installation of an opaque entrance door, which provides additional intimacy in the entrance area. The living area is characterised by a newly designed open kitchenette with work block; storage space can only be found on the wall behind it in order to leave the living space generous. The exposed beam structure of the original ceiling creates additional spaciousness. The clay plaster used for the wall heating and the sound elements in the ceiling area creates an optimal room climate and pleasant acoustics. The minimalist interior design paired with high-quality, natural materials and architecturally created views lead to an overall increase in exclusivity and living comfort, which gives the guests a feeling of welcome.