With KAYA TINY the small becomes a big eye-catcher. TINY is the key word, because we have designed the jugs so delicately that only the thumb fits into while pottering. The high-quality handmade porcelain series includes two separate jugs and four different small bowls. The ensemble is available in four noble colors.

Whether for exquisite sauces or sophisticated side dishes: KAYA TINY by MAOMI bridges the gap between professional gastronomy and discerning private household. In its small design shaping, the series offers plenty of room for great creativity and culinary delights. Our partner factory in Vietnam, where we realize our designs together with the local artists, is supported by an international development cooperative. The Manufactory commits to fair wages and gender equality on the local labor market.

Design: MAOMI
Origin: Vietnam
Material: Porcelain, glazed
Colours: eggshell, greige-ecru, shiny-white, tiny black
Bowl 1: height 2 cm | Ø 5,5 cm
Bowl 2: height 3 cm | Ø 5 cm
Bowl 3: height 3 cm | Ø 5,5 cm
Bowl 4: height 3 cm | Ø 6,5 cm
Pot 1: height 5 cm | Ø 3,5 cm
Pot 2: height 7 cm | Ø 5,5 cm